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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Business Office Cashier at MIIS cashier@miis.edu (831) 647-6434  Cashier
Cai, Carolina xcai@miis.edu  Student
Cai, Lijian lijianc@miis.edu 831.647.4185FacultyGSTILE-T&IVisiting Professor
Cai, Ruochen (Charles) rcai@miis.edu 831.647.3541FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssistant Professor of Professional Practice
Calil, Juliano jcalil@miis.edu 831.647.4155FacultyGSIPM-MAIEPAdjunct Faculty
Calloway-Nation, Alexandra Yancey acallowaynation@miis.edu  Student
Calvert, Kelley Marie kcalvert@miis.edu 831.647.4185FacultyGSTILE-LSAssistant Professor
Cambridge, Lindsey Z. lcambridge@miis.edu  Student
Campbell, Anne C. accampbell@miis.edu 831.647.6502FacultyGSIPM-MAIEMAssistant Professor for International Education Management
Campbell, Colleen Elizabeth cecampbell@miis.edu  Student
Campus Christian Fellowship ccf@miis.edu     
Carbonell Aguero, Leire lcarbonell@miis.edu 831.647.4177FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssociate Professor
Cardoso, Kristen Elizabeth kcardoso@miis.edu 831.647.4684StaffLibraryUser Experience Librarian
Careers at MIIS careers@miis.edu     
Carrasquillo, Alysha Ashleen acarrasquillo@miis.edu  Student
Carvalho, Gustavo gcarvalh@miis.edu 831.647.6658StaffInformation Technology Svcs.Senior Technical Support Specialist
Carvalho, Jared jaredc@miis.edu  Student
Castelino, Trushaa tcastelino@miis.edu  Student
Castiglione, Matt mcastiglione@miis.edu  Student
Cathey, Erin ecathey@miis.edu 831.647.6569StaffOffice of AdvancementSpecial Events Manager
Cavino, Nicole ncavino@miis.edu  Student
Celenay, Fatih fcelenay@miis.edu  Student
Cendales Ortega, Aimara acendalesortega@miis.edu  Student
Center for Conflict Studies - Special Programs ccspeacebuilding@miis.edu     
Center for Nonproliferation Studies - DC cnsdc@miis.edu     
Center for Nonproliferation Studies at MIIS cns@miis.edu (831) 647-4154   
Center for the Blue Economy cbe@miis.edu     
Chae, Michelle mchae@miis.edu  Student
Chama, Chali cchama@miis.edu  Student
Chan, Canri canri.chan@miis.edu 831.647.6501FacultyGSIPM-MBAProfessor
Chang, Chao-Min chaominc@miis.edu 831.647.6439FacultyGSTILE-Language & Professional ProgramsAdjunct Faculty
Chang, Nick nicholasc@miis.edu  Student
Chao, Hsi-Chung ((Jack)) hsichungc@miis.edu  Student
Chatkara, Banicia banicia@middlebury.edu  Student
Chau, Alex achau@miis.edu  Student
Chaudhari, Brijlal bchaudhari@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Fenjie fchen@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Helen chailun@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Jesse Patrick jpchen@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Kunhao kunhaoc@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Lanie lanc@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Mary mc2@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Shuling shulingc@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Te-Ching (David) techingc@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Tianyi tianyic@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Ting tc@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Wallace juiching@miis.edu 831.647.4167FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssociate Professor
Chen, Xiao xiaoc@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Xinghui xinghuic@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Xinyi xinyic@miis.edu  Student
Chen, Yu yc2@miis.edu  Student
Cheng, Helen zcheng@miis.edu  Student
Cheng, Howard haoc@miis.edu  Student
Chhetri, Ekshana echhetri@miis.edu  Student
Chin, Sinhow sinhowchin@miis.edu  Student
Chintakindi, Malvya mchintakindi@miis.edu  Student
Chirimuuta, Shingai schirimuuta@miis.edu  Student
Cho, Choung Sook ccho@miis.edu  Student
Cho, Stacey Min Kyung smcho@miis.edu  Student
Choi, Han Na hannac@miis.edu  Student
Choi, Yoonji yoonjic@miis.edu 831.647.3549FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssociate Professor
Chongwain, Chrristelle Bay cchongwain@miis.edu  Student
Chornesky, Liz echornesky@miis.edu 831 717-7954FacultyGSIPM-MAIEPAssociate Professor
Chou, Man-Hua (Marsha) mchou@miis.edu 831.647.3588FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssociate Professor
Chowdhury, Raisa rchowdhury@miis.edu  Student
Christopherson, Rachel I. rchristo@miis.edu 831-647-6615 x 8401StaffCenter for the Blue EconomyCBE Program Manager
Cissokho, Khatab (Cissokho) kcissokho@miis.edu  Student
Clark, Emily emilyc@miis.edu  Student
Clark, Shawn shawnc@miis.edu  Student
CNS DC Office Calendar cns-dc-office@miis.edu     
CNS eLearning cnselearning@miis.edu   CNS 
Cohen, Alexandra alexandrac@miis.edu  Student
Cohen, Avner avnerc@miis.edu 831.647.6437FacultyGSIPM-MANPTSProfessor
Cole, Bob bob.cole@miis.edu 831.647.4630StaffDigital Learning CommonsDirector, Digital Learning Commons
Cole, Dustin dcole@miis.edu  Student
Cole, Sarah Angelyn scole@miis.edu  Student
Coletti, Luciane Dutra lcoletti@miis.edu  Student
Colgan, Charles S. ccolgan@miis.edu 831-647-6615 x 8406StaffCenter for the Blue EconomyResearch Director CBE
Colon, Carlos ccolon@miis.edu  Student
Coly, Edgard ecoly@miis.edu 831.647.3506FacultyGSTILE-LSAssistant Professor
Coly, Shirley scoly@miis.edu 831.647.7179StaffOffice of AdvancementDirector of Development
Conference Interpretation Practicum at MIIS cip@miis.edu     
Connor, Courtney Helena cconnor@miis.edu  Student
Conover, Emmaline econover@miis.edu  Student
Cook, Caitlin Rose ccook@miis.edu  Student
Cooper, Stephanie sterriencooper@miis.edu 831.647.4185FacultyGSTILE-T&IVisiting Professor
Cordoba Serrano, Maria Sierra mcordobaserrano@miis.edu 831.647.4609FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssociate Professor
Cordova, Janira de la Paz jcordova@miis.edu  Student
Corrales, Paulina pcorrales@miis.edu  Student
Cottman, Drake C dcottman@miis.edu  Student
Cotton, Shea M scotton@miis.edu 831.647.6654StaffCNSResearch Associate
Cozzens, Taylor Branch tcozzens@miis.edu  Student
Craft, Bryce Holland bcraft@miis.edu 831.647.6516StaffCenter for Advising & Career ServicesDirector of Employer Relations
Crayne, Stephanie scrayne@miis.edu  Student
Creason, Nicholas ncreason@miis.edu  Student
Crivelli, Alexandra acrivelli@miis.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Cui, Jinying jcui@miis.edu  Student
Cui, Xinyi xcui@miis.edu  Student
Cui, Zilin zcui@miis.edu  Student
Cumings, Taylor tcumings@miis.edu  Student
Cummings, Nicole M. ncummings@miis.edu 831.647.4673StaffStudent Financial ServicesSenior Student Financial Services Counselor
Curless, Vanessa vcurless@miis.edu  Student
Currimjee, Zara zcurrimjee@miis.edu  Student
Czajkowski, Mikayla Bliss (Kayla) mczajkowski@miis.edu  Student

Note: When addressing correspondence, please use the Institute's central mailroom address for all employees.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Attn: Name or Department
460 Pierce Street
Monterey, CA 93940
CNS WDC Office
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Attn: Name or Department
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1225
Washington, DC 20005
Campus Security: 647-4153
Technology Help Desk: 647-6656