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In an effort to improve the College community's access to vital information, and to establish an appropriate presence for the College on the World Wide Web, Middlebury College has developed an electronic directory of phone numbers and addresses. All members of the College community are represented--students, faculty, and staff.

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What is the Directory?

The Directory reproduces much of the information previously appearing in the College's printed directory. Some elements of each person's information are accessible only by computers on the College's network; other fields are available for both on- and off-campus access. The following fields are included and the fields in italics are not seen by off-campus users:

For students: name, campus postal address, electronic mail (e-mail)address, campus telephone number, year of graduation, residential hall location.
For faculty/staff: name, department, title, office postal address, office location, office telephone number, e-mail address, home address, home phone, spouse/domestic partner.

You may wish to add appropriate information about your fax number, office hours, home page and pager/cell number (see below: How do I Change my Directory information?). These four fields can be changed as often as you like. You also have the option of hiding your record for both the College audience and the Web, effectively removing you from the Directory.

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How Do I Connect to the Directory?

The best way to access the Directory is through the World Wide Web, using your favorite browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer) a Mac, PC, or a UNIX system. To connect to the Directory on the Web:

  1. Connect to Middlebury's Web site at http://www.middlebury.edu
  2. Click Directory in the top-right corner of the screen.
    or from on-campus...
  3. Simply type go/dir or go/directory into your Web browser's address bar and then press Enter.

The Directory interface will be displayed, where you can find information about the person you need to contact (see following section); here, you may also click to display a help page or change your own Directory information.

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How do I Look Up someone in the Directory?

  1. Enter any information you know about the person you are looking for in the search form.
    • If you only enter part of the person's name, it will find anyone whose name contains those letters (entering "jo" will return anyone named "Joe", "John" and people with last names such as "Johnson").
    • When searching by phone numbers, enter the person's four digit extension.
    • When searching for a student by their postal address, only enter their MC box number.
  2. When you have entered the information, click Search. If only one person in the directory matches the information, you will be shown their entry. Otherwise, you will be presented with a list of possible matches.
  3. Click on the desired name to view the directory information associated with him/her.

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How do I Change my Directory Information?

To edit your directory information:
  1. Visit the Directory's Change Information utility
  2. Enter your Middlebury College username in the Username field, this is the first part of your @middlebury.edu E-Mail address.
  3. Enter your Windows password in the Password field, this is the same password you would use to log on to WebMail.
  4. Click Continue. After the system has verified your indentification, a form with your Directory information will appear.
  5. Change the fields that you want by entering information in the text boxes provided.
    • If you want to remove yourself from the Directory, select the check box labeled Hide your information.
  6. Click Change Information. A notice confirming the information change will be displayed.

The College receives many legitimate requests from outside Middlebury for e-mail addresses. Many of these requests come from alumni trying to reach former professors or College officials, colleagues at other institutions, or family and friends. These requests will be referred to the Directory.

If you do not have access to a personal computer on the college network to update your Directory Information, you may use computers in the public computing labs or, contact the Registrar's Office if you are a student, or Human Resources if you are a faculty or staff member, and they will make arrangements for updating your Directory Information.

The Directory is only as valuable as the information in it. Please keep your information accurate and current.

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How do I Upload a photo for my Directory listing?

All Middlebury College faculty, staff and students have listings in the Directory. By default, the college seal displays with your information. However, you have the ability to change your settings so that your College ID photo displays in its place. In many cases, individuals prefer to have a photo other than their College ID photo display. The Upload Utility will allow you to upload a photo of yourself from your computer for review, approval and inclusion in the Directory in place of your ID photo.

You will be informed via email when your photo is approved so you may update your Directory settings to display your picture. If you have questions about this service, please contact webmaster@middlebury.edu.

Your picture must meet the following guidelines:

  • The photo must measure 200x200 pixels exactly.
  • The photo must be of you (no other people), preferably a head-shot. Your face must be clearly visible, not obstructed in any way, including sunglasses.
  • The photo must be appropriate.
  • The photo should be crisp and clear.
  • The photo should have a resolution near 72 dpi.

Middlebury College reserves the right to reject any photo it believes has inappropriate content.

Please note that it may take up to seven days for submitted photos to be available to the Directory.

If you need assistance scanning a photo to upload, or need to find a campus scanner, please visit the Helpdesk's Web site at: http://go.middlebury.edu/helpdesk

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How do I remove my Directory information?

Updates to the Directory need to be made through Human Resources for faculty and staff or through their Commons office for students. These changes will be inputted into the College's master records, from which the Directory pulls its information. Please note that students, faculty or staff making changes to their personal information will not see those changes reflected in the Directory for approximately 7 days.

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How do I Link to Directory Information?

The following query parameters may be added to the URL of the Directory's results page:

Query Parameter What it Searches
displayname Person's Name
samaccountname Username (i.e. first part of email address)
title Job Title
department College Office or Department
telephonenumber Campus Phone Number
extensionattribute3 Campus Mailing Address
extensionattribute4 Campus Physical Address

To link to any of these, take the URL of the Directory's results page, add a question mark ('?'), the Query Parameter, an equals sign ('='), and then your search string. For example, to find all people in the Directory with the name 'Smith', you would use this address:


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Why is the Link to my Web Page not showing up?

The Web Page attribute in the Directory has a limit of 64 characters, if your Web Page address is longer than this, we will not be able to store the value in the Directory. See below for some addresses to personal Web Pages at Middlebury that will work:

  • http://community.middlebury.edu/~USERNAME
  • http://go.middlebury.edu/users?USERNAME (goes to the community address above)
  • http://seguecommunity.middlebury.edu/sites/USERNAME

Replace USERNAME with your username (the first part of your email address, before the '@' symbol) to link to your Web Page.

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