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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Dahlstrom, Jan jdahlstr@miis.edu 831.647.3539StaffHuman ResourcesHuman Resources Coordinator
Dai, Jin Huei jdai@miis.edu 831.647.6570FacultyGSTILE-LSProfessor
Dalnoki Veress, Ferenc jdalnokiveress@miis.edu 831.647.4638StaffCNSScientist-in-Residence
Daly, Johnson Perry (Johnny) jpdaly@miis.edu  Student
Damerow, Ryan rdamerow@miis.edu 831.647.4181StaffGSTILE-TESOLExecutive Assistant
Dasari, Preeti Reddy pdasari@miis.edu  Student
Day, Caroline cday@miis.edu  Student
Day, Lauren lday@miis.edu  Student
Dayton-Johnson, Jeffrey Ross jdaytonjohnson@miis.edu 831.647.4647FacultyOffice of the Institute VPVice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Institute
de la Grange, Amaury adelagrange@miis.edu  Student
Degfay, Tangut Zenebe tdegfay@miis.edu  Student
Deha, Eunice edeha@miis.edu  Student
Del Rio, Nelson Luis ndelrio@miis.edu  Student
Delaney, Anne Elizabeth adelaney@miis.edu 831.647.6439FacultyGSTILE-Language & Professional ProgramsAdjunct Faculty (Sudo)
Demidov, Leonid ldemidov@miis.edu  Student
Dempsey, Alex ldempsey@miis.edu  Student
Deol, Tanvir tdeol@miis.edu  Student
DePaolis, Fernando FDePaolis@miis.edu 831.647.3568FacultyGSIPM_DPP/Mixed-Methods Evaluation,Training & AnalysisAssociate Professor
Depper, Megan Leigh mdepper@miis.edu  Student
Desai, Riddhi rdesai@miis.edu  Student
Descamps, Nicholas Adam ndescamps@miis.edu  Student
DeShields-Williams, Kimani kdeshieldswilliams@miis.edu  Student
Devine, Robert Wendell (Rory) rdevine@miis.edu  Student
DeYoung, Benjamin Lee (Ben) bdeyoung@miis.edu  Student
Dhar, Arti adhar@miis.edu  Student
Diamond, Julia Lovisa jdiamond@miis.edu  Student
Diaz de la Rubia, Pilar pdiazdelarubia@miis.edu  Student
Diebold, Tiffany tdiebold@miis.edu  Student
Dieng, Florent-Babacar Abdou fdieng@miis.edu  Student
Dietrich-Hart, Christine E cdietrichhart@miis.edu 831.647.6439FacultyGSTILE-Language & Professional ProgramsAdjunct Faculty (Saegusa)
DiFoggio, Jessica jdifoggio@miis.edu  Student
Digital Learning Commons at MIIS dlc@miis.edu (831) 647-4630   
Dill, Catherine Beatrice cdill@miis.edu 202.842.3100StaffCNS-WDCSenior Research Associate
Dinassilova, Moldir mdinassilova@miis.edu  Student
Ding, Youhan youhand@miis.edu  Student
Ditter, Benjamin W. bditter@miis.edu  Student
Dixon, Rachel Patricia rdixon@miis.edu  Student
Djeni, Marie mdjeni@miis.edu  Student
Dolores, Ginny gdolores@miis.edu  Student
Dominguez Cardenas, Gabriela gdominguezcardenas@miis.edu  Student
Dominick, Alicia adominick@miis.edu  Student
Dong, Hanyuan hdong@miis.edu  Student
Donohoe, Lisa S. ldonohoe@miis.edu 831.647.6439StaffGSTILE-Language & Professional ProgramsSpecial Program Coordinator and Curriculum Specialist
Donovan, Kelly Marie kdonovan@miis.edu  Student
Dorrian, Seamus sdorrian@miis.edu 831.647.6624StaffRecordsRegistrar and Director of Student Data Systems
Dotson, Maxwell mdotson@miis.edu  Student
Dow, Sandra Marguerite smdow@miis.edu 831.647.4187FacultyGSIPM-MBAProfessor
Draeger, Margot mdraeger@miis.edu  Student
Draganjac, Katarina kdraganjac@miis.edu  Student
Drake, Elizabeth edrake@miis.edu  Student
Dubrana, Isabelle G. idubrana@miis.edu 831.647.3591StaffAdmissionsAssociate Director of Admissions
Duitsman, Michael Scott mduitsman@miis.edu 831.647.3559StaffCNSResearch Associate
Dunatov, Gabriel Evan (Gabe) gdunatov@miis.edu 831.647.4154StaffCNSSummer Intern
Duncan-Poole, Jillian jduncanpoole@miis.edu  Student
Duran, Haidy hduran@miis.edu  Student
Duzan, Emily eduzan@miis.edu  Student
Dwyer, Jacob jacobd@miis.edu  Student
International Policy and Management Dean at MIIS dean.gsipm@miis.edu     

Note: When addressing correspondence, please use the Institute's central mailroom address for all employees.

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