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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Hadnot, Taylor Jordan thadnot@miis.edu  Student
Haesloop, Andrew Gordon ahaesloop@miis.edu  Student
Halasz, Stephanie Kay shalasz@miis.edu  Student
Hall, Loren Matthew lhall@miis.edu  Student
Hall, Steven stevenh@miis.edu  Student
Hallam, Olivia ohallam@miis.edu  Student
Halloran, Lauren W lhalloran@miis.edu  Student
Halstead, Ezra ehalstead@miis.edu  Student
Hamadani, Sajjad Syed shamadani@miis.edu  Student
Hambleton-Holguin, Jennifer jhamblet@miis.edu 831.647.6676StaffCenter for Advising & Career ServicesCareer and Academic Adviser & Director of Fellowships, Exchanges & Study Abroad
Hamel, Philippe phamel@miis.edu  Student
Han, Yuchen yuchenh@miis.edu  Student
Hanham, Melissa R. mhanham@miis.edu 831.647.6507StaffCNSSenior Research Associate EANP, META Lab
Hansen, Kaya Lynn klhansen@miis.edu  Student
Hansen, Skyler Jeffrey sjhansen@miis.edu  Student
Hansford, Jowel Ama jhansford@miis.edu  Student
Hanson, Katherine (Katie) katherineh@miis.edu  Student
Harman, Caroline charman@miis.edu  Student
Harmer, Jacolyn jharmer@miis.edu 831.647.4604FacultyGSTILE-T&IProfessor
Harris, Greg gharris@miis.edu 831.647.6425StaffInformation Technology Svcs.Help Desk Manager
Hart, Dionne dhart@miis.edu  Student
Hart, Jason jhart@miis.edu  Student
Hartley, Brianna bhartley@miis.edu  Student
Harvey, Scott Davis sharvey@miis.edu  Student
Haselmann, Hadley Margaux hhaselmann@miis.edu  Student
Hassan, Mohamed mohamedh@miis.edu 831.647.6439FacultyGSTILE-Language & Professional ProgramsAdjunct Faculty
Hatch, Eli Mclaren ehatch@miis.edu  Student
Hatip, Ahmet ahatip@miis.edu  Student
Hatton, Altaira ahatton@miis.edu  Student
He, Yilei yileih@miis.edu  Student
Healy, Chris healy@miis.edu  Student
Heaney, Hope Mislick hheaney@miis.edu  Student
Hedgcock, John jhedgcoc@miis.edu 831.647.4197FacultyGSTILE-TESOLProfessor
Heerdt, William wheerdt@miis.edu  Student
Heh, Winnie Yung-Chung wheh@miis.edu 831.647.3531StaffCenter for Advising & Career ServicesCareer & Academic Adviser
Heine, Susan sheine@miis.edu  Student
Helminen, Evelyn S. ehelminen@miis.edu 831.647.4636StaffDigital Learning CommonsAssistant Director for Digital Initiatives
Helms, Lindsey lhelms@miis.edu  Student
Hembree, Emily R. ehembree@miis.edu  Student
Henderson, James Allen jahenderson@miis.edu  Student
Henriksen, Rebecca J. rhenriksen@miis.edu 831.647.3553StaffOffice of the Institute VPDean of Enrollment, Advising and Student Services
Henry, Cora chenry@miis.edu 202.842.3100 x316StaffCNS-WDCResearch Associate
Henry, Rosella rhenry@miis.edu  Student
Henry, Tyler thenry@miis.edu  Student
Henry-Alvarez, Sandra Margaret shenryalvarez@miis.edu  Student
Hernandez, Andrew P. ahernandez@miis.edu 831.647.6621StaffCampus ServicesDirector Facilities Services
Hernandez, Wilson wilsonh@miis.edu  Student
Herranz-Ketterer, Inigo iherranz@miis.edu  Student
Hess, Frances Joan fhess@miis.edu  Student
Hester, Christopher christopherh@miis.edu  Student
Hetrick, Neil M nhetrick@miis.edu  Student
Heupler, Mariel mheupler@miis.edu  Student
Higginson, Tyler William thigginson@miis.edu  Student
Highsmith, Meghan L mhighsmith@miis.edu  Student
Hikosaka, Mary Kazuko mhikosaka@miis.edu  Student
Hildebrand, Gerald B ghildebrand@miis.edu 831.647.4179StaffCenter for Social Impact LearningDirector of Center for Social Impact Learning
Hisgen, Thomas thisgen@miis.edu  Student
Hofmann-Miller, Andrea ahofmann@miis.edu 831.647.3527FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssistant Professor
Hogan, Laurel A. lhogan@miis.edu 831.647.4124StaffAdmissionsAdmissions Assistant
Hollister, Noelle Marie nhollister@miis.edu 802.443.5215FacultyJapanese School
Holness, William Franco wholness@miis.edu  Student
Honda, Naoko nhonda@miis.edu  Student
Hooper, John Peter jphooper@miis.edu  Student
Hopkins, Katherine kh@miis.edu  Student
Hopkins, Stephen D sdhopkins@miis.edu  Student
Horn, Schuyler Gray sghorn@miis.edu  Student
Horsting, Cierra chorsting@miis.edu  Student
Hosler, Kaeli khosler@miis.edu  Student
Hout, Thomas M. thout@miis.edu 831.647.6426FacultyGSIPM-MBAVisiting Professor in International Business
Howard, Ryan ryanh@miis.edu  Student
Howard-Garoutte, Sarah Marie showardgaroutte@miis.edu  Student
Howerton, Lauren lhowerton@miis.edu  Student
Hsu, Yu-Fen hsu@miis.edu  Student
Hu, Benzhen bhu@miis.edu  Student
Hu, Blair yih@miis.edu  Student
Hu, Kai kaih@miis.edu  Student
Huang Karlage, Xingting (Sophie Vong-Karlage) xhuangkarlage@miis.edu  Student
Huang, Christina yanhangh@miis.edu  Student
Huang, Ting-jui (Michelle) tingjuih@miis.edu 831.647.4185FacultyGSTILE-T&IAdjunct Faculty
Huang, Xinyan (Michelle Huang) xhuang@miis.edu  Student
Huang, Zijuan zhuang@miis.edu  Student
Hudak, Victoria Marie vhudak@miis.edu  Student
Hudson, Jenna jhudson@miis.edu  Student
Hughes, McKenna mckennah@miis.edu  Student
Hui, Tsz Kin (Kenny) thui@miis.edu  Student
Human Resources at MIIS hr@miis.edu (831) 647-3520   
Humphreys, Mark Stewart mhumphreys@miis.edu  Student
Huntley, Ellen Elizabeth ehuntley@miis.edu  Student
Hurley, Ashley (Hurley) ahurley@miis.edu 831.647.7175StaffCampus ServicesMaintenance Assistant PM
Hutton, Kirby khutton@miis.edu  Student
Hutton, Tiffanee thutton@miis.edu  Student
Huusmann, Catrine Dilling chuusmann@miis.edu  Student
Hwang, Naomi nhwang@miis.edu  Student
Hwang, Zoe zhwang@miis.edu  Student
Hylen, Kathleen Marie khylen@miis.edu  Student
Hyon, Hazel hhyon@miis.edu  Student

Note: When addressing correspondence, please use the Institute's central mailroom address for all employees.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Attn: Name or Department
460 Pierce Street
Monterey, CA 93940
CNS WDC Office
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Attn: Name or Department
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1225
Washington, DC 20005
Campus Security: 647-4153
Technology Help Desk: 647-6656