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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Nagoshi, Reina rnagoshi@miis.edu  Student
Nah, Batie bnah@miis.edu  Student
Nakagawa, Lynn Y. lnakagaw@miis.edu (831) 647-4112StaffBusiness OfficeBursar
Nakagomi, Misuzu mnakagomi@miis.edu  Student
Nakagomi, Risa rnakagomi@miis.edu  Student
Nasr, Joy A. jnasr@miis.edu (202) 842-3100StaffCNS-WDCResearch Associate
Nathan, Willa willan@miis.edu  Student
Navarro Perez, Magdalena mnavarroperez@miis.edu  Student
Navarro Solis, Jose Carlos jnavarrosolis@miis.edu  Student
Navarro-Gomez, Paula Isabel pnavarrogomez@miis.edu (831) 647-4185FacultyGSTILE-T&IAdjunct Faculty
Nayak, Probodh (Sukesh) pnayak@miis.edu  Student
Ndamcheu Dosseu Bamen, Girault Duvalier gndamcheudosseubamen@miis.edu  Student
Ndandula, Sharon sndandula@miis.edu  Student
Ndebele, Ziphongezipho zndebele@miis.edu  Student
Neamhun, Kusuma kneamhun@miis.edu  Student
Neff, Emelye eneff@miis.edu  Student
Neill, Lacie Rose lneill@miis.edu  Student
Nelson, Axelle axellen@miis.edu  Student
Nelson, John johnn@miis.edu  Student
Nemarich, Chris cnemarich@miis.edu  Student
Nerguizian, Micaela mnerguizian@miis.edu  Student
Nesher, Aviv H anesher@miis.edu  Student
Netto, Shaziya snetto@miis.edu  Student
Newhouse, Alex Bradley anewhouse@miis.edu  Student
Ngo, Binh bngo@miis.edu  Student
Ngoma, Blessed bngoma@miis.edu  Student
Nguepi, Myriam mnguepi@miis.edu  Student
Nguyen, Amy amyn@miis.edu  Student
Ni, Yuanwen yuanwenn@miis.edu  Student
Niazi, Fauzia fniazi@miis.edu  Student
Nicoll, Terra Leigh tnicoll@miis.edu  Student
Nimri, Lana lnimri@miis.edu  Student
Niu, Wendy xniu@miis.edu  Student
Niu, Yuan yniu@miis.edu  Student
Nix, Melissa Leigh mnix@miis.edu  Student
Nizamova, Alina anizamova@miis.edu  Student
Noble, Erin enoble@miis.edu  Student
Nolasco, Iris inolasco@miis.edu  Student
Nordlid, Hakon hnordlid@miis.edu  Student
Nowicki, Hanna hnowicki@miis.edu  Student
Nugyen, Thanh Van tnugyen@miis.edu  Student
Nuwagaba, Vicent vnuwagaba@miis.edu  Student
Nwako, Azubuike anwako@miis.edu  Student
Nworah, Richard rnworah@miis.edu  Student
Nyatoti, Tendai tnyatoti@miis.edu  Student
Nyirimanzi, Naphtal nnyirimanzi@miis.edu  Student

Note: When addressing correspondence, please use the Institute's central mailroom address for all employees.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Attn: Name or Department
460 Pierce Street
Monterey, CA 93940
CNS WDC Office
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Attn: Name or Department
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1225
Washington, DC 20005
Campus Security: 647-4153
Technology Help Desk: 647-6656