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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Radu, Ana aradu@miis.edu  Student
Ragan, Tamara Renee (Tammi) tragan@miis.edu  Student
Ragland, Sarah sragland@miis.edu  Student
Rahiel, Futwi rahielf@miis.edu  Student
Rahimi, Heather Rose hrahimi@miis.edu  Student
Rairigh, Daniel Timothy (Dan) drairigh@miis.edu  Student
Ramachandran, Amita aramachandran@miis.edu  Student
Ramaswamy, Sunder sunder.ramaswamy@miis.edu 831.647.4102FacultyOffice of the PresidentDistinguished Prof of International Economics
Ramdas, Vidyasagar vramdas@miis.edu  Student
Ramin, Stephanie sramin@miis.edu  Student
Ramirez, Victoriano P. victorianor@miis.edu 831.647.6621StaffCampus ServicesFacilities Assistant
Ramo, Thais A tramo@miis.edu  Student
Ranjous, Lama rlama@miis.edu  Student
Rao, Monique mrao@miis.edu  Student
Rapoza, Brandon brapoza@miis.edu  Student
Rasmussen, Meghan D. mrasmussen@miis.edu 831.647.3556StaffOffice of AdvancementDirector of Foundation Relations and Institutional Grants
Rathod, Dimple drathod@miis.edu  Student
Raubaugh, Madison mraubaugh@miis.edu  Student
Rawlings, Morgan Greer mrawlings@miis.edu  Student
Ray, Gabriela gperdomo@miis.edu  Student
Reckford, Jacob Becker (Jake) jreckford@miis.edu  Student
Redd, Autumn aredd@miis.edu  Student
Redstone, Eli Lee eredstone@miis.edu  Student
Registrar Inquiries at MIIS records@miis.edu (831) 647-4121   
Regueiro, Antonella aregueiro@miis.edu  Student
Reid, Laura E. lereid@miis.edu  Student
Rekasis, JoLyn jrekasis@miis.edu  Student
Reyes-Horta, Edson Gerardo ereyeshorta@miis.edu  Student
Rhee, Hannah rhee@miis.edu  Student
Rhee, Jennifer jrhee@miis.edu  Student
Rhodes, Edy hrhodes@miis.edu 831.647.4627StaffCenter for Advising & Career ServicesCareer & Academic Advisor
Rhodes, Nathan C. ncrhodes@miis.edu 831.647.4155StaffCenter for the Blue EconomyEditorial Assistant, Journal of Ocean and Coastal Economics
Richard, Sophie srichard@miis.edu  Student
Richards, Shaun Robert srrichards@miis.edu  Student
Richey, Rebecca Lynn rrichey@miis.edu  Student
Riemunde, Margaret mriemunde@miis.edu  Student
Rigberg, Alex arigberg@miis.edu  Student
Riggin, Aron Eugene aeriggin@miis.edu  Student
Riggin, Ashley Renee ariggin@miis.edu  Student
Riley, Stacie sriley@miis.edu 831.647.4102StaffOffice of the Institute VPAdministrative Assistant
Rimmer, Allyson Joelle ajrimmer@miis.edu  Student
Rios Cano, Laura lrioscano@miis.edu  Student
Rios Sanchez, Karelis kriossanchez@miis.edu  Student
Rivas Cueva, Maria Gracia mrivas@miis.edu  Student
Rizvi, Swadha swadhar@miis.edu  Student
Robba, Charles D crobba@miis.edu  Student
Roberts, David C. dcroberts@miis.edu 831.647.4156EmeritusGSIPM-MBAProfessor Emeritus
Robin, Lucile lrobin@miis.edu  Student
Robinson, Michael mr@miis.edu  Student
Roccio, Rory roryr@miis.edu  Student
Rodgers, Joseph Leonard jrodgers@miis.edu  Student
Rodriguez, Jimmy jimmyr@miis.edu  Student
Rodriguez-Garnica, Gabriel grodriguezgarnica@miis.edu  Student
Rodriguez-Ruiz, Salvador srodriguezruiz@miis.edu  Student
Roemer, Luisa lroemer@miis.edu  Student
Rogel, Chndyli Tara Gregorio (Chndy) crogel@miis.edu  Student
Rogowsky, Robert A. rarogowsky@miis.edu 831.647.3507FacultyGSIPM_DPPProfessor
Romero, Mario mromero@miis.edu  Student
Rondez, Paz E. prondez@miis.edu 831.647.4121StaffRecordsAdministrative Assistant
Rong, Shiyi srong@miis.edu  Student
Room Reservations at MIIS room.reserve@miis.edu (831) 647-4102   
Rorabaugh, Alicia Lyn arorabaugh@miis.edu  Student
Rosen, Jessica (Jess) jessicar@miis.edu  Student
Rosen, Karen kerosen@miis.edu  Student
Ross, Alexander James ajross@miis.edu  Student
Ross, Emma emmar@miis.edu  Student
Rovnak, Elizabeth erovnak@miis.edu  Student
Rowe, Cheryl L. crowe@miis.edu 831.647.6434StaffBusiness OfficeCashier/Office Services Assistant
Rowland, Lindsey B lrowland@miis.edu  Student
Rowland, Maggie mrowland@miis.edu  Student
RSVP at MIIS rsvp@miis.edu (831) 647-4151   
Ruehsen, Moyara mruehsen@miis.edu 831.647.4145FacultyGSIPM-MANPTSAssociate Professor
Rupp, Meredith Nicole mrupp@miis.edu  Student
Russell, Hideko hrussell@miis.edu 831.647.4621FacultyGSTILE-T&IAssistant Professor of Professional Practice
Russo, Amy Elizabeth aerusso@miis.edu  Student
Ruth, Daniel Christopher (Dan) druth@miis.edu  Student
Ryan, Brendan brendanr@miis.edu 831.647.4185FacultyGSTILE-T&IAdjunct Faculty
Rybnikov, Michael Lawrence mrybnikov@miis.edu  Student
Ryszhanov, Azamat aryszhanov@miis.edu  Student

Note: When addressing correspondence, please use the Institute's central mailroom address for all employees.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Attn: Name or Department
460 Pierce Street
Monterey, CA 93940
CNS WDC Office
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Attn: Name or Department
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1225
Washington, DC 20005
Campus Security: 647-4153
Technology Help Desk: 647-6656