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Need the phone number or location for a Department, Office, or Organization? These are listed in the Department Directory [PDF].

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NameE-mailPhoneTypeDept / CommonsJob Title
Zakari, Khalil kzakari@miis.edu  Student
Zarsky, Lyuba A. lzarsky@miis.edu (831) 647-6436FacultyGSIPM-MAIEPProfessor
Zayas, Romi rzayas@miis.edu  Student
Zech, Alleman Faye azech@miis.edu  Student
Zeerak, Nasema nzeerak@miis.edu  Student
Zeleke, Betelhem Ephrem bzeleke@miis.edu  Student
Zeng, Jiyi jzeng@miis.edu  Student
Zerbo, Lassina lzerbo@miis.edu  Student
Zhan, Yifan yzhan@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Chen chenz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Chunming chunmingz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Jiaoyao jiaoyaoz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Jing jingz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Jingyi jingyiz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Melissa zhixuanz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Muge mugez@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Wenkai wenkaiz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Xijing xijingz@miis.edu  Student
Zhang, Zhishen zhishenz@miis.edu  Student
Zhao, Lijuan lz1@miis.edu  Student
Zhao, Qimei (Jill) qzhao@miis.edu  Student
Zhao, Yong yz1@miis.edu  Student
Zheng, Sisi sisiz@miis.edu  Student
Zheng, Zilin zilinz@miis.edu  Student
Zhong, Jingyu (Ellen) jingyuz@miis.edu  Student
Zhou, Biyu (Jeffrey) bzhou@miis.edu  Student
Zhou, Ianna zzhou@miis.edu  Student
Zhou, Lingfei lingfeiz@miis.edu SUMMER GRAD 
Zhou, Wanli wanliz@miis.edu  Student
Zhou, Weichao weichaoz@miis.edu  Student
Zhou, Yueqing (Sophia) yueqingz@miis.edu  Student
Zhu, Guanzhen gzhu@miis.edu  Student
Zhu, Shan sz1@miis.edu  Student
Zijuan, Huang hzijuan@miis.edu  Student
Zilinskas, Raymond Allan rzilinskas@miis.edu (831) 647-6545StaffCNSDirector, Chemical & Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Prog & Senior Scientist
Zimmerman, Kelly Ann kzimmerman@miis.edu  Student
Zmich, Alexa C. azmich@miis.edu (831) 647-4128StaffStudent ServicesStudent Services Coordinator
Zoludua, Edwin Boakai ezoludua@miis.edu  Student
Zou, Chao czou@miis.edu  Student
Zvoma, Muchadei T. mzvoma@miis.edu (831) 647-4129StaffCommunications and MarketingMarketing Director

Note: When addressing correspondence, please use the Institute's central mailroom address for all employees.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
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CNS WDC Office
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Attn: Name or Department
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 1225
Washington, DC 20005
Campus Security: 647-4153
Technology Help Desk: 647-6656